If you are looking to donate furniture, you will find details here about the condition of items and what can be donated. If you have any queries please contact us and we will be happy to advise.

Q. What condition do you expect the furniture to be in?

A. Furniture needs to be in good condition. Ask yourself whether you would be happy to give it to family or friends. If it is not useable condition then you could ask for it to be collected as bulky waste.

Q. What would you class as being unuseable?

A. Examples would include stained or ripped fabrics, or an item that is broken or unsafe.

Q. What about your taste?

A. We don’t mind your taste in furniture. It’s condition that matters, not taste. We provide furniture to people with a wide range of tastes.

Q. Does the item have to have its fire labels?

A. If it is a fabric item, then yes, it must have its fire labels.

Q. Do you undertake house clearances?

A. Yes, depending on the condition of the items.

Q. Do you accept corporate donations?

A. Yes, we will take tables, office chairs, desks, cupboards, etc. If you are a business that is discarding items that can be used at home, such as beds, wardrobes and easy chairs we will collect these too.

Q. When can you come?

A. We will arrange an appointment to collect your items within five working days. We will let you know what time we are coming.

Q. Will you take the item from inside my home?

A. Yes, you don’t need to move it before we come.

Q. Are there any restrictions on what you will collect?

A.We will talk to you before collecting the item to make sure it is suitable, but we may not be able to collect it if:

  • it is not in useable or sellable condition
  • it is not safe or possible to take it out of your home
  • we are fortunate enough to have too many of the item you are offering
  • they require specialist disposal (eg televisions)

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